Living for family

2018 production year | Awards: The campaign as a whole wins intermedia-globe Gold at the 2019 World Media Festival

Family is everything to Maria Clemente. When fate struck her husband, she put her own needs last. Nevertheless she doesn’t complain. It actually makes her happy that she enables her husband and children to exercise self-determination.

In 2001, everything changed for Maria Clemente and her family. Her husband Vincenzo fell seriously ill. That is when the Swiss lady's life became a routine of hospital, customer services and work. She selflessly accepts her fate and puts her own needs last. “If someone in your family falls ill, you can’t simply take off and say I want my own life now”, she says. Family always comes first with her.

Her daughter Letizia agrees. Her mother made the sacrifices to ensure her husband and children can have a self-determined life. “She did everything to care for my father and raise us kids. Unfortunately she doesn’t think about herself nearly enough.” Maria Clemente says that her biggest wish is to see her children have a better life than she did. “I do what I do with full conviction. I don’t want praise for it.”