Opposites attract

2017 production year | Awards: World Media Festival 2018 intermedia-globe Gold, SVIK 2018 Goldene Feder, 3. Platz an den europäischen FEIEA Awards

it wasn’t easy at the start, says Romeo Christen. After many years as head of the Service Center at Swiss Life Select, the 57-year-old gave up his job to a man less than half his age: David Windlin. “It was important for me to step back from decisions right from the beginning, and leave them up to David. Otherwise I wouldn't have really passed the baton”, says Romeo Christen.

Romeo Christen is now a project manager in David Windlin’s team. For his part, Windlin prizes his colleague’s wealth of experience. “I can really benefit from his know-how”, he says. As well as learn how to keep my cool.” Both men view cooperation between the generations as a big plus. And with their different personalities they complement each other well. Or, as David Windlin says: “Opposites attract.”