I'm a rock star, but I don't need any money: here's why

2018 production year | Awards: The campaign as a whole wins intermedia-globe Gold at the 2019 World Media Festival

“Keep standing tall, believe in yourself, keep fighting, that is the message in our music”, says Finlay Sky Davey. The front man of the Liechtenstein hardcore metal band “TAPED” always gives 100% on stage. His performances are an outlet where he can express himself fully: aggression, fun, joy.

Since childhood, the singer has dreamed of making a living from his music. Finlay Sky Davey now makes his money by performing management duties for other artists. It won't make him rich, but that’s not part of the plan anyway. “I don't need much to live on. Happiness is more important to me”, says the 23-year-old. He would be happiest just exchanging everything – his music and art for food and clothing.

He doesn't see any compromise in his life, nor does he feel he has to give up on anything. “I have everything I need and a lot more besides”, says Finlay Sky Davey. This is the life he chose. In his view, self-determination means having courage – the courage to be different.