In 2016, the Neumair family moved to Dubai as the father was offered a job in the region. Just a few weeks after their arrival, Peter Neumair then died suddenly and unexpectedly. His wife Doris found herself all alone and away from home with her two children. After this unexpected setback, the family received a lot of support from their personal network – and from Swiss Life.

Doris Neumair still clearly remembers the moment her life changed. Her husband Peter was on business in Saudi Arabia and she stayed in their new home in Dubai and sent him a message. “I looked at my phone the next day and there were no blue ticks after the message. I immediately knew something was wrong.”

Her misgivings were well founded. Peter Neumair died of heart failure. “I panicked”, says Doris Neumair. She received support from her husband’s employer, which has employee cover from Swiss Life. “Swiss Life responded immediately. I received all the information promptly and everything was put in motion. The financial support was a big relief to us”, says Doris Neumair.


Swiss Life International customer: Doris Neumair
Age: 55
Place of residence: Germany
Swiss Life customer since: Her husband was insured (through his
employer) by Swiss Life since 01/10/2016
Swiss Life products/policies: Her husband was covered for retirement benefits, survivor’s pension, orphan’s pension, disability pension, waiver of death and retirement benefits in case of disability. Doris is currently receiving a quarterly survivor’s pension and her daughter a quarterly orphan’s pension.

“Customer’s Life” portrait series: three customers – three stories

In a portrait series, Swiss Life presents three clients from the company’s various units. The pieces show how Swiss Life enables people in a very wide range of circumstances to lead a self-determined life. The portraits also demonstrate the variety of clients and requirements served by Swiss Life.

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