Rolf Dörig, Group CEO, will be recommended to the Board of Directors of Swiss Life Holding for election to the Board at the Annual General Meeting on 8 May 2008. As Delegate of the Board of Directors, Rolf Dörig will assume a key role in the cooperation between the Board of Directors and the Corporate Executive Board. It is planned that Bruno Pfister, who is currently CEO International of Swiss Life, will succeed him as Group CEO. The national CEOs for France and Germany, Jacques Richier and Manfred Behrens, will join the Corporate Executive Board.

Bruno Gehrig, who has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors since May 2003, has decided to resign from the Board of Directors of Swiss Life Holding, with effect from the 2010 Annual General Meeting. Bruno Gehrig on his future plans: “In line with my personal plans, I would like to take it a bit easier in 2010 when I am 64 years of age, and make room for some younger blood in the upper echelons of Swiss Life. The fact that the company is in very good shape today and that the future prospects look promising has made it less difficult for me to take this decision. It is the Board of Directors' wish and also my personal wish that, when the time comes for me to leave, Rolf Dörig will succeed me as Chairman of the Board of Directors.”

In this connection, Rolf Dörig, who has held the position of Group CEO since November 2002, will be put forward for election to the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting on 8 May 2008. It is planned that Rolf Dörig will assume the position of Delegate to the Board of Directors. As an executive member of the Board of Directors he will work very closely with the Chairman of the Board of Directors. In his new role, Rolf Dörig will be the main contact partner for the Chief Executive Officer. His key responsibilities will involve strategy development and overseeing strategy implementation. Rolf Dörig will take a seat in the Chairman’s Committee of the Board of Directors and attend the meetings of the Corporate Executive Board. He will devote approximately two thirds of his working time to his remit as an executive member of the Board of Directors.

It is further planned that, following Rolf Dörig’s election to the Board of Directors, Bruno Pfister will be appointed Group CEO. Bruno Pfister has been with Swiss Life since August 2002, first as Group Chief Financial Officer and then as CEO International. In the words of Bruno Gehrig: “We are very pleased that, in Bruno Pfister, we were able to find a successor to Rolf Dörig as CEO. Bruno Pfister is not only a proven expert in his field; he is also a convincing personality. I am sure that, together with Rolf Dörig and me, he can continue Swiss Life’s successful track record of recent years.”

The position of CEO International will not be newly filled. However, the international components in the Corporate Executive Board will be boosted by the addition of the national CEOs of France and Germany, Jacques Richier and Manfred Behrens, who will take up seats in the Corporate Executive Board. In addition to their market responsibilities, they will assume Group-wide duties and tasks.

The personnel changes will be made following Rolf Dörig’s election to the Board of Directors on 8 May 2008. The Corporate Executive Board will then comprise the following members:

Bruno Pfister, Group Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Müller, Group Chief Financial Officer
Patrick Frost, Group Chief Investment Officer
Reto Himmel, Group Chief Technology and Operations Officer
Paul Müller, Chief Executive Officer Switzerland
Jacques Richier, Chief Executive Officer France
Manfred Behrens, Chief Executive Officer Germany

The Swiss Life Group will hold its Investors’ Day on 4 December 2007. Swiss Life will not respond to any questions on its new strategic and financial objectives until this date.

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Swiss Life
The Swiss Life Group is one of Europe’s leading providers of pension and life insurance products. The Swiss Life Group offers individuals and companies comprehensive advice across a broad range of products via agents, brokers and banks in its domestic market, Switzerland, where it is market leader, and selected European markets. Multinational companies are serviced with tailor-made solutions by a network of partners in over 60 countries and regions. With Banca del Gottardo, the Swiss Life Group is also a provider of private banking services. The bank, with its head office in Lugano, has an extended national and international network and around CHF 36 billion in customer assets under management.

Swiss Life Holding, registered in Zurich, dates back to the Schweizerische Rentenanstalt founded in 1857. Shares of Swiss Life Holding are listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange (SLHN). The Swiss Life Group employs a staff of around 9000.
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