Publication according to Art. 21 of the Stock Exchange Act and Art. 19 of the Ordinance of the Federal Banking Commission on the Stock Exchange Act by Swiss Life Holding AG, General-Guisan-Quai 40, P. O. Box, CH-8022 Zurich, Switzerland
In reference to Art. 20 of the Federal Act on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading (SESTA) in combination with Art. 17 of the Ordinance of the Federal Banking Commission on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading (SESTO-SFBC), Mr. Carsten Maschmeyer informed us that he and his sons, Marcel Jo Maschmeyer and Maurice Jean Maschmeyer, all resident at Hanebuthwinkel 17, 30655 Hanover, Germany, have acquired a total of 1 833 547 purchase positions on Swiss Life Holding AG, corresponding to 5.24 % of the voting rights of Swiss Life Holding AG: 1 603 547 registered shares of Swiss Life Holding AG (4.59 % of the voting rights) as well as 80 000 short puts (corresponding to 0.23 % of the voting rights) and 150 000 discount certificates (corresponding to 0.43 % of the voting rights) on shares of Swiss Life Holding AG.

The date of the acquisition which resulted in holdings exceeding the SESTA-relevant threshold of 5 % is 17 November 2008.

The basic terms of the short puts and discounted certificates held by Carsten Maschmeyer and his sons are as follows. Short puts: Swiss Life Holding AG; Security Identification Number: 778237; Maturity date: 19 December 2008; Strike Price: CHF 77 (40 000 short puts) and CHF 72 (40 000 short puts). Discount certificates: Underlying Asset: Swiss Life Holding AG shares (ISIN: CH0014852781), Multiplier: 1; Execution: Cash settlement; Cash Settlement Amount: Reference Value Closing Price x Multiplier (limited to the Maximum Amount); Reference Value Closing Price: Closing price of the Underlying Asset on the Exercise Day; Exercise Day: 15 December 2009. Issue price CHF 57.57; Maximum Amount CHF 75.

The contact person responsible is Carsten Maschmeyer, Hanebuthwinkel 17, 30655 Hanover, Germany,
tel. +49 (511) 90 20-5176, fax +49 (511) 90 20-5178.


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Swiss Life
The Swiss Life Group is one of Europe's leading providers of life insurance and pension solutions. The Group offers individuals and corporations a broad range of products combined with comprehensive advice through its own sales force as well as brokers and banks in Switzerland, France and Germany. It provides internationally operating corporations with employee benefits solutions from a single source, and is among the global leaders in structured life and pension products for high net worth individuals with its centres of competence in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Singapore.

Swiss Life is the majority shareholder of the Hanover-based AWD Group, one of Europe's top financial services providers for the medium- and high-income customer segments. AWD offers its clients independent financial advisory services. Around 6300 advisors and intermediaries work for the AWD Group in ten European countries.

Swiss Life Holding Ltd, registered in Zurich, was founded in 1857 as Schweizerische Rentenanstalt. The shares of Swiss Life Holding Ltd are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (SLHN). The Swiss Life Group employs a staff of around 9000.
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