Swiss Life wants to know the needs and expectations of the various stakeholder groups and to involve them in its actions. That is how we ensure and maintain the trust of our stakeholders in our company.

The annual sustainability reporting serves to strengthen communication with Swiss Life's stakeholders. In addition to customers and employees, Swiss Life's stakeholders include investors and shareholders as well as legislators or representatives of the media, politics and associations. Swiss Life maintains a regular exchange with all stakeholders to ensure that it is aware of their needs and expectations and can respond to challenges or changes.

Swiss Life puts people first and advocates encounters on an equal footing. Swiss Life maintains close customer contact through a network of own advisors as well as distribution partners – such as brokers and banks – and can respond directly to their needs. 

Swiss Life accompanies customers for the long term and over many years. To that end Swiss Life continuously assesses customer satisfaction at the key contact points. Directly following interaction, customers are asked at selected contact points about their experience, satisfaction and willingness to recommend Swiss Life. Since 2014, Swiss Life has received and analysed more than 200 000 customer feedbacks in Switzerland, France, Germany, the UK and Austria.

The most important customer requirements are security, expert advice, customised solutions, comprehensibility and simplicity in communication and processes. New customers show particular interest in responsible investment products, which take environmental, social and good governance (ESG) factors into account as well as the traditional criteria.

The success of Swiss Life is based on the skills and engagement of its staff. Swiss Life promotes the continuous development of its employees and offers them a working environment where they act with personal responsibility. All employees are encouraged to contribute their ideas. Swiss Life values respectful interaction and trustworthy cooperation within the team and beyond. Performance recognition is reflected in customer satisfaction.

Among the most important topics from the employee perspective are the promotion of diversity and equal opportunity, ensuring employability through constant development and occupational health management.

Swiss Life highly values transparent communication with investors/shareholders and makes sure that they have quick and targeted access to all information relevant to their investment decisions. Swiss Life provides quarterly information on its business performance. The relevant reports and media releases are published on Swiss Life also participates in investors' conferences and organises roadshows for investors. In addition, Swiss Life provides updates on its strategic thrust at its Investor Days, which are held on a regular basis. Investors and shareholders can exercise their voting right at annual general meetings.

Important topics from an investor and shareholder perspective include a long-term business model, economic performance and sustainable profitability.

Other important Swiss Life stakeholders are legislators and supervisory authorities, cooperation partners and representatives of the media, political bodies, industry associations, non-governmental organisations and suppliers.

Other important Swiss Life stakeholders are legislators and supervisory authorities, cooperation partners and representatives of the media, politics, industry associations, non-governmental organisations and suppliers, all of whom are also affected directly or indirectly by Swiss Life's activities.