Swiss Life Reinsurance has a holistic view and understanding of the life (re)insurance industry, from both a cendent’s and a reinsurer’s perspective. This puts us at the forefront of understanding client needs.

The Swiss Life Reinsurance unit operates out of Zurich, Switzerland with a dedicated and experienced team of professionals. The lean structure, flat hierarchy and autonomy of Swiss Life Reinsurance means that our partners deal with empowered decision makers.

Swiss Life Reinsurance has assumed life retrocessions and life reinsurance for around 50 years in Europe and for almost 35 years in North America. While writing business globally, the focus continues to be on the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and continental Europe.

Swiss Life Reinsurance has over 40 partners, among them leading life insurance and reinsurance companies. Our aim is to continuously strive to be a reliable and flexible long-term partner.

Retrocession and reinsurance solutions for our partners

We provide standard, niche and tailor-made solutions for our partners. Swiss Life Reinsurance writes proportional and non-proportional business with a core focus on:

  • life reinsurance and retrocession
  • longevity reinsurance solutions
  • financial reinsurance 

As we endeavour to adapt to the needs of our partners, we maintain an open-minded and creative approach to innovative reinsurance and risk management solutions that goes beyond our main scope of business.

For any inquiries or questions regarding Swiss Life Reinsurance, please contact us by phone or email:

Jean-Luc Vuarnoz
Head Reinsurance Swiss Life
General-Guisan-Quai 40
8022 Zurich, Switzerland

T +41 43 284 53 32
F +41 43 338 53 32

Johannes Liebe Edler von Kreutzner
Client Manager Reinsurance
General-Guisan-Quai 40
8022 Zurich, Switzerland

T +41 43 284 39 53
F +41 43 338 39 53