In 2018 Swiss Life featured portraits of various people in whose lives self-determination plays a central role. They were all suggested as subjects by employees of the Swiss Life Group. The result was eleven impressive stories. A best-of.

Eleven stories of the self-determined life – the best of the campaign.

A young woman who doesn’t lose heart, even in a wheelchair. A 76-year-old man who is dedicated to flying with a wingsuit. Or someone who has given up a secure life to follow his dream. In 2018 Swiss Life told the stories of eleven people whose lives are focused on self-determination.

The protagonists of these portraits all acquaintances of Swiss Life Group employees, who explained in interviews why self-determination plays an important part in the lives of the subjects they proposed. The best-of video linked above offers a taste of the “Leading a self-determined life” campaign, which was intended to better foreground our purpose. 

Eleven impressive stories

Cynthia Mathez:
self-determined in spite of a wheelchair

Little Shao:
When the smallest one takes the biggest pictures

Laurence Estève:
A circus makes children into self-determined artists

Hubert Schwarz:
“Everyone around me thought I was completely mad”

Martin Hunkeler:
Two jobs for a dream

Daniela Grasmück:
Swapping the smog for a mountain air

Kira Grünberg:
“Every person has a right to self-determination”

Finlay Sky Davey:
Having the courage to be different

Gian Paolo Longoni:
The 76-year-old man still jumping out of airplanes

Vincent Bargis:
How to make art out of underground tickets

Maria Clemente:
Why my family comes before me

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