Anne Metry hotelier

2015 production year | Awards: The "100 employees visit 100 customers" campaign has received a number of awards, among them First Prize from FEIEA, a Gold and a Silver Feather from SVIK, and the Prix du One Shot.

100 employees visit 100 customers:
Anne Metry, hotelier
visited by Claude Locher, Treasury manager, Group Finance

The customer:
Anna Metry, 28, lives in the ski resort of Zermatt. Attending Thun Hotel Management School prepared her to take over management of the family hotel shortly after graduating. She works thoroughly in her private and professional life and does one thing at a time. She opted for pillar 3a private pension provision at Swiss Life while the family business is covered by a BVG management policy.

The employee:
laude Locher, 41, comes from Berne but has settled in Zurich. He gets around a lot – he graduated in economics from St. Gallen after spending time in Berne and Glasgow. In the Finance division of Swiss Life Holding he enjoys working in a team and occasionally going for a drink with them after work. «Hiding your opinion never helps anybody; you need to be direct and capable of accepting criticism,» he says.

The project:
Customers play the leading role in the “100 employees visit 100 customers” campaign. Until the end of 2015, Swiss Life is giving 100 employees, who have no customer contact in their day-to-day work, the opportunity to get to know a customer.