Self-determination and provisions for a longer life are at the core of what we do at Swiss Life. Swiss Life enables people to lead a self-determined life. In doing so, the company is helping to meet a fundamental need: independence and self-determination are a top priority for people in all areas of life.

Clear goals and consistent implementation of Group-wide programmes

Swiss Life provides regular reports on its strategic focal points and the related financial objectives. In November 2018, Swiss Life revealed its new Group-wide programme, "Swiss Life 2021” (2018-2021).

Swiss Life provides detailed reporting in its annual and semi-annual result statements on the current status of strategy implementation and the progress it has made towards achieving the objectives.

Our Annual Report 2020

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Our Investor Day 2018

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Swiss Life 2021

At the end of November 2018 Swiss Life presented its Group-wide programme, "Swiss Life 2021". It is based on our purpose: we enable people to lead a self-determined life. Swiss Life concentrates on four strategic directions for the programme: its focus on preferred segments, the promotion of attractive offers, the steady improvement of customer relations and the continuing increase of productivity.

Taking control of one’s own life is a basic human need. By assuming risks for those we insure, we afford them financial confidence, and thus greater autonomy in their decisions. This is the origin of our mandate at Swiss Life: we enable people to lead a self-determined life.

Four strategic directions

Under the aegis of “Swiss Life 2021” we concentrate on four strategic directions. We step up our efforts in preferred segments, set greater store by even better offers in product development and in our services, aim to significantly enhance our customer interface and continue to increase productivity.

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The “Swiss Life 2021” Group-wide programme is based on the successes of the last roughly ten years. We again significantly increased profitability and earnings quality with the current Group-wide programme, “Swiss Life 2018”. At the same time, financial strength improved as measured by the Swiss Solvency Test while dividends increased.

Financial objectives until 2021

Swiss Life focuses on continuity in its financial objectives: earnings growth and quality, operational efficiency and disciplined capital management are the leading topics.

  • Increased earnings quality: increasing the fee result remains central
  • Operational efficiency: digitalisation supports advisory model
  • Capital strength: capital management remains a key competence

Overall, Swiss Life is striving for an adjusted return on equity of 8 to 10 percent.