As a shareholder of Swiss Life Holding AG, gain insight into all the details relating to the management of the shares.

Our Shareholder Services department offers shareholders living in Switzerland a
free share safekeeping account with a wide range of custody services.

  • Annual General Meeting

    Swiss Life Holding’s supreme executive body. The Annual General Meeting usually takes place in April or May, but at the latest six months after the end of the financial year.

  • Articles of Association

    The Articles of Association set out the rights and obligations of the company and of its shareholders.

  • Share Register

    Entry in the share register is essential if you wish to exercise your participation rights at general meetings.

  • Shareholder’s Safekeeping Account

    Swiss Life Holding Ltd provides all its shareholders in Switzerland with a free safekeeping account in which they can place the registered shares they hold in the company for safekeeping. Swiss Life manages around 130 000 such safekeeping accounts.

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